A letter from Katrine

I’ve had a realisation recently.  Which shouldn’t really be a realisation because it’s quite obvious. But anyway, it’s one of those thoughts that just dawns on you suddenly, which was always there but you just didn’t listen until now.


The truth is I have been wondering where to go with our music, with Kalandra. I have songs, which points me in the weird-fun-raw-epic, but perhaps excluding to some listeners, direction. The other points me in the commercial, not so much fun, but perhaps useful, and perhaps money-making-putting-food-on-the-table-pay-my-rent-and-my-massive-mortage direction. Objectively there’s no right or wrong direction here. Everyone must choose what he or she is most comfortable with. Everyone has an opinion, but no one can really tell me what to do. I ask people, but then I don’t really want their answers. Silly really. I’m standing here waiting for someone to tell me which bus to take, and making sure that I am taking the right bus, yet I know there is no such thing because it doesn’t exist. I feel like I’m Neo choosing which pill to take in the Matrix.


We recently moved to Oslo, Norway, back to our motherland. It was time for change after living in Liverpool for 5 years. I was feeling restless. I’m not a very patient person, unfortunately. We laid down a plan that we thought would make us more accessible and adaptable to the music scene in Oslo and to the Norwegian market. I know every musician or artist faces this issue. I was at a point where I was feeling a little desperate. I need to put food on the table and I felt the responsibility to provide for my band mates who’s also invested a lot of time and energy into this band. However, lately the driving passion has started to diminish.

This is when I had a bit of a revelation. Recently, three well-respected and original human beings passed away; Lemmy, David Bowie and Alan Rickman. Gone. Turns out, legends aren’t immortal after all. I was looking out my window at the people passing by outside in the snow. Life is too short to fit in. I’m already feeling quite uninspired and tired. I just need to open my eyes and pull myself together. I need to watch myself so I’m not getting in the danger of pleasing everyone else around me – including my own mother! Nobody likes a pushover.

Here’s the truth: if I believe it, you’ll believe it because it’s true. Boom! Obvious really. But I’ve always been scared of going all out, because I get so terribly let down and depressed if it should all go tits up. But then again “you can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well do something that you love” – Jim Carrey.

And everyone gets hurt! Boom! Another revelation. Every. Single. Person. Gets. Hurt. And it will happen again. And. Again. And. Again. Stop protecting yourself from it! It’s all about how we learn to cope with it.

If I really really give it my everything and 100% of who I am and what I stand for, there is nothing to fear, I couldn’t possibly fail. I’ll be true to who I am and everyone around me. Also, another truth is, I’m a bit of a nutcase actually, and possibly a bit manic – I need to use it for what it’s worth! I have a wonderful tool here to create the music I always had inside my head.

There will be struggles, don’t get me wrong, but at least I’m on the right path for me. I stopped to let that revelation sink in… cause I almost wasted my time here. I almost slipped and took the blue pill. Close call.


Here’s to 2016 and beyond!

Love, Katrine 

Behind the ‹‹Love You Right›› Cover art

You've probably seen our‹‹Love You Right›› cover photo.
Here's the story of how it came to life.


The Sketch

While driving home from a festival gig in southern Norway Florian was pondering about what kind of artwork we should do for our next release. It was driving through the beautiful landscapes of Norway that sparked the idea of creating a heart that was "growing out of the ground". He didn't yet know exactly how he wanted it to look, but what he did know was that he was not creating yet another generic photoshopped album cover. 



Lucky for Florian, a week prior to this a storm had blown down several trees in the forest by his house. Borrowing and axe from his handy Polish neighbour he set out into the forrest to find a suitable tree and chop it up. Mind you the axe work was nothing compared to digging out the damn thing!


Cthulu trunk!


With the help of two of his buddies he hauled the root/tree trunk down from the forest. Not an easy task as the thing clocked in around 135kg.



Taking shape!

Originally Florian wanted to cut the heart out of ply-wood, but his dad (retired carpenter) advised him to use the rebar as it's stronger, cheaper and easier to work with. Being broke, he asked around if anyone he knew had a left over rebar. And sure enough a friend of his who is a prison janitor came by with the goods the very next day, cut to the length he needed. He bent the rebar into two heart shaped halves using his BARE HANDS... and a metal tube for the angular corners. 


The more the merrier!

With the arrival of Katrine and Jogeir they went into the forest to forage the plants and flowers needed for the heart. (Florian wasn't sure if he should be giving Katrine a knife again tho…) After borrowing a wheelbarrow from a neighbour and raiding a derelict schools bushes they loaded up the trailer, borrowed of course, from yet another helpful neighbour.

The transport

 Jogeir came down from Oslo to help with the loading and decoration for the shoot. He brought his parents car...

Jogeir came down from Oslo to help with the loading and decoration for the shoot. He brought his parents car...

Unfortunately for Jogeir, he forgot that this car was ment to run on diesel, not gasoline, so after everything was loaded and they were ready to go, he noticed that the car was making strange sounds...

Luckily Florians father sprang to action and helped us drive the heart to the shooting location






The Photo Shoot!







Thank you so much!

Thank you so much to everyone that has been sharing and giving us feedback on our track and video these couple of days!

We started working with the EP over a year ago now and it's been a long and tedious process with many ups and downs and it feels good to finally start the release and push forward to the rest of the EP.

Come see us in Oslo 14th of Nov or Liverpool 25th of Nov to celebrate the release with us, and hear some brand new songs!


Photo by: Knut Utler Foto

Music video for «Love You Right» is out now!

- Vi lånte kameraer fra venner, eller tok bekjente filmfotografer med på dagsturer til Vang, Hedalen og Tønsberg hvor vi opplevde mange gode samtaler og fine visdomsord, samt et bryllup i en stavkirke. Musikkvideoen er en presentasjon av menneskene vi møtte på denne reisen

Les mer på hissig sin premiere av videoen:


Takk til alle involverte!

Woohoo! It's a good start to a new life in Oslo : )

We are supporting Norwegian artist Frøder this Friday at Konsertforeningen Samfunnet Bislet. Facebook event:https://www.facebook.com/events/880433455367115/

As a little shout out to our friends in England, I highly recommend you check out Frøder's music. Her voice and the arrangement of the production is simply perfection. Also, we'll be coming over to Liverpool on the 25th of November to play at The Kazimier!! (event & poster coming soon) Uttrykksikonet smile

- Kat

Langbordet, Finse

This weekend, the three of us (Katrine, Jogeir and Florian) played two gigs in  ‪#‎Finse‬ as part of a quiet little festival called Fjell og Ord at Finse 1222. There's no gig photos because we've tried our best having a phonefree and social media-free weekend... We feel very grateful to be able to travel together and see beautiful scenery with our music. We've also met some very inspirational people, amongst them an Arctic explorer.