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"A spellbinding journey through ethereal musical landscapes"

Kalandra - Promo 2017.jpg

Kalandra is a band spearheaded by three Norwegian musicians with a shared passion for the strange. Together they weave the intricate melodies of singer Katrine Stenbekk into alluring patterns of wanderlust and fairytales.

The band takes their audience on a spellbinding journey through the musical landscape of Nordic and Celtic folklore combined with the alternative.


2017 has been a songwriting year for Kalandra. Between touring and film shoots they have been actively writing and recording for their debut album. For a small taste of what's to come listen to the Demo's below.






*Kalandra performs live with a lineup varying from 3-4 members

Core members:

Katrine Stenbekk

Jogeir Daae Mæland

Florian Döderlein Winter

Contact: kalandramusic@gmail.com
Tel: +47 936 100 98 / +47 452 000 92