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"A spellbinding journey through ethereal musical landscapes"

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Kalandra is an alternative Nordic pop band spearheaded by three Norwegian musicians with a shared passion for the strange.

Together they weave spellbinding fairytales into eerie musical landscapes.
The band, whom originally formed in Liverpool, UK, have built a small dedicated following around the North-West area of England, whilst gaining a reputation for their bewitching live shows.

Now based in Oslo from where they’ve been touring to the UK, Denmark, Italy and performing showcase festivals like Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg and Waves Vienna in Austria (2017).

2018 has proved to be an exciting year for Kalandra so far with a tour in England and Russia, as well as having supported big Norwegian acts like Wardruna and Gåte. Their first Norwegian song Virkelighetens Etterklang received some wonderful criticism on national Norwegian Radio, with their newest single Brave New World reaching even broader.  See more dates at www.kalandra.no/shows



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*Kalandra performs live with a lineup varying from 3-4 members

Core members:

Katrine Stenbekk

Jogeir Daae Mæland

Florian Döderlein Winter

Contact: kalandramusic@gmail.com
Tel: +47 936 100 98 / +47 452 000 92